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Wilsonart Update

  1. ACT FORUM 2020

    ACT FORUM 2020

    The architecture business event under concept “Sharing happiness”. Wilsonart&AICA joined the event together as a great collaboration to launch new products in this event.

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  2. TIDA


    TIDA award night by Thailand Interior Designers' Association, one of the biggest event for Thai Interior designers. It's our honor & pleasure to be one of the sponsor for such a great event.

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  3. Hygiene products

    Hygiene products

    As a global firm, Wilsonart&AICA always study and develop new innovative technology. Especially in this COVID-19 situation, we develop our HPL with anti-bacteria property that can be a great surface solution to use anywhere.

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  4. Why Wilsonart HPL

    Why Wilsonart HPL

    Wilsonart HPL comes with special innovative technology that gives you outstanding performance of decorative surface.

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